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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Real BreezE........

As a woman who comes from a crazy life, full of crazy experiences, and has learned some incredible life lessons...I thought what better way to really share a lot of those things with people, then with a blog...the crazy part was right after deciding to start researching and looking into blogging. Literally the next day, one of my college classes was starting a blog as my next assignment for school! Unfortunately this is all so new to me, and with my perfectionist personality and creative passions, designing a blog really made it difficult for me to just whip up a blog in just 2 weeks, on top of all my other assignments and obligations. I'm sure it was easy for many of my classmates seeing that they are most likely much more advanced in the world of social networking and such, then I am...So unfortunately I wasn't able to finish my blog yet, but I must publish it if I want any type of grade...So please bare with me, I will get my whole rhyme and reason down, just after I spend a little more time working at it...My life has been crazy and interesting to say the's not as typical to run across a white girl who has spent a lot of her life and time living in the life has been more like "Girlfriends" rather then "Sex In the City"....even though I love "Sex In the City!" I was also blessed enough to know middle class living at the same time, which of course gave me the diverse outlook on life that I have! Being a former Hair designer who once dreamed of being a master at doing ethnic hair, African American for the most part....who had to retire due to a skin issue...and now dreams of making it as a fashion writer and ultimately a fashion editor of a major fashion magazine! My blog will be made up of  my love of fashion and beauty, but combined with my urban flair! Plus with this season being all about color, what better time for me to start!

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