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Thursday, April 21, 2011


   I'm so excited about spring being ALL ABOUT COLOR! Not only is it about color, but BRIGHT COLORS have made a rare EXPLOSION into our lives this time a year! Every time spring comes around it always seems to be all about pastels, pastels, pastels! So okay I get it, Easter colors are traditionally pastels...but I seem to remember those little candy filled plastic eggs we used to hunt for around the yard...and they usually came in BRIGHT COLORS! So why couldn't we ever mix it up? I'm a fan of color, and always will be, so it is an amazing season for fashion for me! No getting all frustrated trying to shop, always leaving empty handed because I never found anything in any of the right colors! So you can only imagine how excited I was to see nothing but COLOR, COLOR, COLOR! Of course this just had to be the spring I chose to go back to school. It's my first time back in school in about 11 years, so I decided to not work for at least the first semester, or until I got back into the game of school, writing papers, research projects, and all the stuff I used to be so accustomed to. As much as I just want to splurge on everything I see, this season I'm utilizing extreme control methods! Since I just can't be running all over the city lookin' a hot mess...I mean it literally HURTS when I don't feel and/or look like myself! The second you do get a taste of that, that's the day you learn "THE GAME," "THE BUDGET FASHIONISTA'S GAME!" Now I'm no major budget queen like all the budget blogger girls out there...but believe me growing up and into adulthood, you pick up a few tricks of the trade out there! Especially having spent plenty of time and years without much money, and having lived through plenty of struggles, I've learned to appreciate my creativity when it comes to fashion! Some days you could afford to get the real thing, and other days you just rocked the hell out of something hot for less! Either way, if you're CREATIVE and GOT THAT FLAVOR, you're gonna look FLY no matter what the price is or who's name it is you're rockin'! Anyone who doesn't feel like they know how to find something hot for cheap, a lot of my fellow blogger girls, have blogs that are all about shopping on a budget! Plus I may just do a little something with that myself since I'm having to shop for less right now myself! Please just bare with me, it's been hard to find the time to do this and school, it's all so time consuming...but I really want to get things worked out to where I can give my blog the attention I truly wish to. Now back to my initial topic of COLOR real quick! I know I'm looking forward to watching this season and the next unfold. I'm extremely excited to see how much everybody embraces this sudden BURST OF COLOR! I realize we have hot colors every season, but it's very seldom that we see a season when ALL COLORS ARE HOT! I don't think we've actually had the pleasure of seeing fashion incorporate this much color, and in this kind of way, since the early 90's!!! That was actually started in the 80's, and moved into the early 90's...Who could forget the time we were all rockin' "CROSS COLORS jeans" and "I.O.U. sweatshirts", that was the last time I can remember so much color to the point that we were "color blocking" to create something new!!! Now here we are, almost 2 decades later, and we're "COLOR BLOCKING" again!!! We'll save for that for another post though.......

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